power plant

One of them was to hold a referendum on the fourth nuclear power plant, which has been an important movement claim since late 1980s.

It was a complicated and often highly localised process of ‘rewir ing’ the old network to feed into the new power plant of democracy.


This period provides a realistic planning horizon, bearing in mind that the life of an average power plant is 30 years.

Thus, though they held the proposed power plant under suspicion, local organized resistance did not begin until 1988.

In addition, there was strong criticism surrounding the lack of financial control over the third nuclear power plant.

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An example might be a cluster of leukaemia cases near a nuclear power plant.

We illustrate the syntax of aggregate formulas with an example of modeling power plant maintenance.

There was a possible scenario that the project of the fourth nuclear power plant might be stopped at this stage.

On the issue of the coming nuclear power plant, he reversed the previous governmental hesitancy and re-opened its budget, suspended since 1985.

Given the heterogeneity of each power plant, the date of adoption will be different for different power plants.

In this village, the city government built a power plant that occupied a plot of land.

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Varying weather conditions were simulated and the effect on measurements from the power plant were measured.

A second learning process occurred in the administration of the power plant.

The moratorium implied that no new nuclear power plant could be built during the next 10 years.

Proposed laser fusion power plant concepts suffer from the huge size and expense of the lasers needed for compression and ignition.

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