discussions took place at the upper echelons of the administration over how to ‘ provoke ‘ men to ‘ volunteer ‘ as porters.

the category of messengers and porters was derivative of a wider variety of ‘ connective ‘ services.

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often the caravans were formed by individuals carrying their own trade goods, and small employers who hired just a few porters each.

the transport of goods was effectuated by donkey drivers, head porters and, occasionally, bull-carts.

the kirangozi had no substantial power ; the position was more a matter of honour and status, with a few more opportunities for personal gain than were available to regular porters.

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costs of nursing and doctors’ time, input from other staff (secretaries, porters), use of consumables and overheads (administration, cleaning, heating, etc.), and capital costs were allocated per bed-day.

my point is not that human porters are more efficient than draft animals at transporting goods, but that the superiority of draft animals has been overstated.

a prolonged delay in supplying guides or porters might succeed in forcing the traveller to stay the night, and provide the opportunity for more complex ceremonies to transfer semangat.

labour recruitment at this time was mostly of larger groups of porters and labourers, gathered together by labour recruiters, sometimes with the assistance of chiefs or headmen.

in other words, ancillary staff—porters and operators of furnaces and incinerators—have no protection whatever in this matter.

i regret that at present there is a shortage of 40 nursing staff, 28 engineering and works staff, 25 porters, orderlies and domestics.

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i would also like to ask what wages the messengers, porters, and cleaners are being paid.

they are divided into two classes—the shipmen and the quaymen or porters.

the porters there are working outdoors in outdoor clothing, and so on.

the whole of the passengers and porters were geared to it; everyone was geared to it.

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