the resemblance in morphogenesis and final structure of cnidarian nematocysts and myxozoan polar capsules remains to be explained.

three polar assumptions about economic openness are successively handled.

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the kinetics of polar body formation were also fastest in pyruvate-containing medium.

happily his impressive career is reasonably well documented, and it is certain that his wartime and polar efforts will not be forgotten.

the gauge response behaves as two-polar periodical signal with gradually decreasing amplitude.

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cellular uptake of an alpha-helical amphipathic model peptide with the potential to deliver polar compounds into the cell interior non-endocytically.

the task is mapped into polar coordinates as a task crescent with required orientation.

the polar regions will play no part in this particular naval celebration, but their imaginative reach continues in new configurations.

lateral flagella were not clearly visible, but 2-5 polar flagella (2-3 times the length of the cell) were observed.

in his age, nationalism was turning polar discovery, in essence geographical discovery, into a race.

in the near past the northern polar region/southern polar region has been warmer/colder than at present, respectively.

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the peripheral type has lesions only outside the posterior polar area.

there were many spectacles during the nineteenth century, feeding a public appetite for the latest thrilling news, whether polar or not.

also, these are polar cases, as every voter in each figure is either centrist or extremist.

an open subsurface hydrothemal system will be easier to detect, mostly by vapor escape, but will lose molecules irreversibly to the polar cold trap.

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