Clonal variations in the response of black tea quality due to plucking standards.

The changes in black leaf quality due to variations of plucking standard and fermentation time.


Musical performance isn’t plucked from the ether, it’s worked on.

Without such support, they may be reduced to plucking ‘grains from grass ‘, as the book’s title alludes.

The work begins with cactus plucks that slowly become amplified.

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Previous work has shown that predicted yields are sensitive to the harvest interval and plucking standard.

Of the remaining 20 seeds, 16 were dropped beneath the tree by birds plucking them from the pods.

The new sound material chosen by the teacher included bowed and plucked notes played on violin and cello.

A string plucked bowed and repitched using a fingerboard and ‘finger’.

In this example, then, the instrument is plucked, then bowed, then plucked again – with various pitch changes during the phrase.

In the end, long sustained drones (made from single cactus plucks and scrapes) dominate the soundscape until the original source itself is no longer present.

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Oxpeckers are visual predators, first plucking the engorged females, then searching large body areas and scissoring and eating the smaller tick stages.

A santouri is a hammered dulcimer; there are plucked, trapezoid zithers in the photographs.

No reason for any hypothesis requires to be cited ; hypotheses can be plucked from the air at will.

The strata attitude, joint frequency and orientation, and bed thickness of the basalts have indicated that the main erosional processes in the lava dam reach were plucking and abrasion.

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