the diameter of the pimple is less than one millimetre, while that of the complete structure is 1-3 mm.

the outer surface was covered in small pimples similar in appearance and size (mean diameter 48 nm) to those of the aspinous areas of the body tegument.

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the outline of the apical membrane was smooth and no longer raised into pimples, although the surface area was increased by the formation of deep folds.

i have no wish—as seems to have been argued—to set up a bureaucratic pimple on the body politic.

we might just as well pick out a person with a pimple on his left hoảng hốtar and say that he has to pay.

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i will ask him a very pimple question.

i recognise all that, but those issues are the pimples and scratches on the great kinhdifice of the country’s kinhconomic achievement.

they are all right, but these are putting plasters on the pimple.

but the pimple is a bit more than that.

then, if the response in terms of sales of pimple cures, or whatever it is, is good, those things are pushed on the national network.

they need not be considered to be more than a temporary pimple on the body politic.

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that is a ludicrous pimple on the face of the housing condition in this country.

as a result of his infirmity he suffered from pimples and insomnia, from dyspepsia and recurrent poverty.

this is one pimple on the surface of it.

i shall not go into any detail on where the pimples are to be found.

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