all participating pharmacists received training in the provision of pharmaceutical care.

yet doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospital administrators have to be paid.

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the research pharmacist then dispensed the drugs in order to maintain blinding of the clinical teams.

most users (47.6%) expressed opinions of pharmacists as being health care rather than business oriented, although one quarter of the sample was not sure.

the paper does not include the other categories of independent contractor (dentists, optometrists and pharmacists) as no individuals from these groups were interviewed.

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by drawing on the pharmacist’s comments at the point of supply we have greater insight into the supply side and patient behaviour.

several pharmacy users commented on the knowledge and training of the pharmacists, although most also remarked about the difficulties of being overheard in the queue.

the customer called to the assistants of the pharmacist who were standing up.

pharmacist prescribers must have sufficient confidence to take on the role if the benefits of supplementary prescribing are to be realized.

packs of paracetamol tablets were prepared by our local community pharmacist.

for example some general practices have employed a pharmacist to dispense and review medication regularly.

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the need for pharmacists to have access to patient records is stressed.

it may be that pharmacists who have already developed expertise in this area will achieve better outcomes in their prescribing practice.

also, from a practical point of view, it would be best to discuss this with the pharmacist first.

in both periods, nurses made almost 50% of interventions, and 40% of these prescriptions were amended; for pharmacist interventions, this figure was 60%.

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