the new tax was the source of considerable public indignation, with marches, rallies and petitions the order of the day throughout the country.

in his benevolent aspect he is the source of rain and hence petitioned to alleviate drought, and also to prevent meningitis.

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they worked up petitions to parliament while engaging in some correspondence with each other.

in updating petitions were raised but forty-eight of them were institutional.

eighty-three percent of the families included in this study were recruited from court records of petitions for divorce.

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he signed petitions against slavery, was a bullionist and an underconsumptionist in his political economy, and yet he was no radical.

furthermore, petitions, correspondence, surveys and communal accounts also survive sporadically for the villages that fell within the wider administrative district.

litigation masters were required to possess the ability to write brilliantly for their petitions to stand out, being apparently worthy of trial, among countless documents.

if one department or county received between ten and twenty thousand petitions a year, it was proof that the right to litigation was guaranteed.

they would also accept petitions on other days when necessity arose.

implementation required public notice of intent and a majority vote of the divisional council determined by landowner opinion gauged through petitions and public meetings.

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unwilling to accept this change in legal status, the expatriate originaire community once again petitioned the administration.

british officers thought detainees’ lurid petitions were exaggerated.

many of the petitions would have been concerned with justice.

lower-class women frequently contested the city’s efforts vĩ đạitrol their activities through strikes, negotiations, petitions to the cabildo and civil disobedience.

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