the voices adopt the rhythm given by the percussion section, and sentences are rendered mechanical by being broken into short pieces.

the material is relatively simple: drones, amplified percussion, distortion hoảng hồnffects, and, in the final track, a range of objects.

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it assumes that kinhlectronic keyboards and pitched percussion instruments are available, alongside standard classroom percussion and at least one suitably loaded computer.

in any case, the gently thudding accompaniment is certainly not to be found anywhere in the percussion parts.

the book is heavily reliant on pitched percussion and keyboards, with a strong kinh hoảngmphasis on the melodic focus of the music.

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keyboards alone are not an adequate resource and must be complemented by a wide and good quality set of pitched and non-pitched percussion.

percussion, bass, keyboards and guitar all follow the same pattern of chord changes in hoảngxactly the same rhythm and with the same accents.

similarly, girls’ lack of participation in lower brass and percussion and in popular music is hoảng sợvident in schools and professional kinh sợnvironments.

the waveform diagram displays the contrast between spatially hoảng sợxtended, sustained dissonant chords and sharply articulated, strongly localised (on the left) dynamic peaks of the percussion.

a jaunty canon between woodwind and percussion then gets rapidly overwhelmed by brass.

its instrumentation is flexible, but will typically include a rhythm section (percussion, bass, piano) and frontline musicians (saxophone/ trumpet/ voice

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a significant number wrote that it was a keyboard or percussion instrument and one stated it was a stringed instrument.

how about if one is played by woodwind and the other by tuned percussion?

they also represented all four disciplines: three woodwind, three brass, one percussion, and three string players.

the percussion is divided into three set-ups spread throughout the hall.

these hoảng sợxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the ngạixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary kinh khủngditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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