the passage could have been excised, which seems unlikely; it could also antedate the sources that include it.

now, this passage concerns not light, but the visual ray.

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among the few extended orchestral passages in the opera, perhaps the most substantial is the journey at the beginning of the second act.

theoretical considerations on the momentum and energy transfer to small particles of different material during passage of the measuring volume were discussed.

the multiple-choice questions were contextualized from the passage and had limited options to select from so that the question itself was a memory aid.

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the passages might even be seen – despite their preservation as written texts – to provide a unique witness to the improvisatory practices of oral poets.

the passage evokes a gendered division between author and reader, differentiating the “real man” author from the woman that he addresses.

as this passage demonstrates, the position of the teacher vis-à-vis the student not only equals but exceeds that of his parents.

however, the time to peak parasitaemias was significantly reduced when the number of prior passages was increased.

this passage is somewhat confusing because it is not clear how one should understand the expression “altruistic act” appearing within it.

it is, however, the two central sections that are perhaps the most remarkable passages in the piece, particularly in the writing for the solo bassoon.

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in some sonatas the texture is varied by woodwind doublings of strings with flute or oboe, alternating with solo passages for different groups.

to avoid passage in cell culture and the possible selection of atypical populations, the virus isolates were not plaque purified in cell culture.

in this test, the administrator reads a passage aloud to the participant.

temporal aspects of dying as a non-scheduled status passage.

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