It also suggests that traditional ways of telling the story overlook what sustains ordinary folk intent on finding religious meaning and identity.

They also overlook the crucial developments that took place between 1912 and 1914.


Theories of cognition and the experimental tasks used to test those theories often conspire hand in hand to overlook limited search and stopping rules.

Also, one would want more information on recorded oral sources, which are overlooked in this volume.

Nevertheless, certain definite patterns of significance are apparent from the data and these should not be overlooked.

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However, it may be that historians have overlooked the significance of some of this detail.

I also argued that, at least at the initial stages of investigation, social representativeness can be overlooked when choosing speakers to be investigated.

It remains conceivable that meaningful differences in the parenting of earned and continuous secures have been inadvertently overlooked.

This point is rather subtle and easily overlooked, which contradicts our general claim that we can “read off” an algorithm from the typing rules.

However, this choice of non-dimensional variables overlooks a possible role of atomic processes in confinement.

He might simply overlook or forget what he knows or believes.

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It is to be feared that these problems will put many potential readers off, causing the value of its content to be overlooked.

Inevitably the products of arts activities cannot be overlooked.

In addition, the authors deliver a quick overlook of dilemmas concerning legalisation and application of euthanasia.

Among other topics addressed are hip protectors and aids to prevent ‘ long lies ‘ – an often overlooked problem.

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