Furthermore, in line with neo-liberal philosophy, the government also overhauled fisheries management and deregulated the control of resources.

The protocol is poorly designed, and must be overhauled from the bottom up, rethinking all assumptions that have been made.


In other states, the very development and implementation of such initiatives may require overhauling or establishing new organizational relationships and service areas.

With the millennium scares causing some major overhauls of system security, researchers and systems manager may well now become complacent.

Another fresh strand of thinking is that the very concept of global labour standards should be refashioned, if not overhauled altogether.

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The learner’s search for personal meaning and relevance had been overhauled by the external world of non-negotiable concepts, structures and formalities and by the inertia of fact and theory.

Consequently, to prepare for integration, the existing structure may need a thorough overhaul achieved by a comprehensive programme of planned staff and curriculum development.

Meaningful societal change (of which accountability is likely to be a key part) requires the overhaul of political, legal and social institutions.

Since then, a major overhaul of the water sector has been taking place, and much hope has been placed in private-sector participation.

A related reform focus is the overhaul of accounting and auditing systems.

We thank the referees whose insightful comments, particularly about the order of presentation, made us think again and overhaul an earlier draft.

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There is a need for a total overhaul of the international political system, based upon pacifist principles.

A possible case of conversion is the overhaul for which the verb to haul over is not on record.

In 1966 a military junta committed to moderately liberal economic policies seized power and began to plan a complete overhaul of the pension system.

Current changes concern increasing quality and standards within the present structure rather than overhauling the basic framework.

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