Our Drinks tháng 4

Our Drinks tháng 4

From our kitchen to your hands.mùng 7

From our kitchen – we chop, peel, cook, stir, and press by hand in order to extract real flavors from raw ingredients such
under the name of fresh pandan leaves, mung bean, taro root, and passion fruit.

A refreshing Sereno blend

A Sweet Mix of Jasmine Green Tea and Milkmùng 7

The Sweet Mixture of Matcha and Soy

Traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Authentic Vietnamese Style Creamy Iced Coffeemùng 7

The Healthiest Drink Nature Has to Offer

Fresh Taro Root Cooked with Loose-Leaf Jasmine Tea

A Blend of Black Teas, Vanilla Bean, Cardamom, and Anisemùng 7

Jasmine Green Tea Topped with Our Signature Whipped Sea Cream

Special Blend Black Coffee Topped via Our Signature Whipped Sea Cream

Brewed from Seven Types of Herbs and Teasmùng 7

Brewed with Real Fruits, Hibiscus Flowers, and Rooibos Teas

Jasmine Tea with Mung Bean and Pandan Leaves

Hand Squeezed Passion Fruitmùng 7

Full-Bodied and Creamy Milk Teas

A jelly dessert made from boiling mesona, a mint-like plant, popularized in Hong Kong and throughout Southeast Asia. Its sweet, and
wealthyly herbal flavor makes this add-on versatile enough for any drink. For nutrition information, click here.

Its slight grape-like taste makes for a great combination with refreshing Sea Cream Jasmine Tea and Sunset Passion. For nutrition information, click here.mùng 7

Freshly prepared tapioca pearls
who are cooked to a perfect soft and chewy consistency, and lightly sweetened with honey. The perfect add-on for any drink! For nutrition information, click here.

Traditionally used as a dessert
who is popular around the world, its sweet and delicate texture pairs wonderfully with milk teas and Sea Cream Jasmine Tea. For nutrition information, click here.

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