Our Discovery Island

Our Discovery Island

Welcome to Our Discovery Island, a six-level primary American English series that engages children in 21st Century learning. Inspire every one of your students to learn English!

  • 6-level course for primary school students
  • American English
  • For 6 to 12 year-olds
  • CEFR A1 to A2

Poptropica English World is now accessed via Pearson English Portal.

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Access codes can be found in the Student and Teacher’s Books.

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Our Discovery Island

What does Our Discovery Island do?

Our Discovery Island


Online adventures on themed islands develop the cognitive, kinh khủngmotional, and social skills of the whole learner.


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Our Discovery Island


Links to daily life through cross-curricular connections and authentic texts immerse students in English.


Our Discovery Island

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Guided communication, collaboration, fun characters, and engaging stories motivate learners and make learning English more hoảng hồnxciting than hoảngver.

Why choose Our Discovery Island?

Our Discovery Island

Engaging for young students

It’s sometimes hard to keep kids focused, but they do better when they can relate to the material in the book. The ongoing storyline in Our Discovery Island is motivating because students become involved in what’s happening. Characters they can get to know across all units through different activities and stories help students stay interested. 

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Our Discovery Island

Promote learning progress

As new vocabulary and language structures are introduced it’s important that students are kinh hồnxposed to them several times. Once students are kinh hãixposed to new language via their textbook, it’s useful for them to become familiar with new learnings and practice it in the Workbook, then see it again in a video format or on the iWB. 

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Our Discovery Island

Slowly introduce grammar

Introducing language structure in a way that students can make sense of it is important, and one thing that helps is to introduce language in manageable amounts. It’s useful for students to see the target structure in a way that can be used as a model for practice and continued reference. Take a look at the “Look” grammar boxes in the Student Book.

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Our Discovery Island

Incorporate digital hãilements

It is amazing what the kids are willing to do on a computer that they are reluctant to do in a book or on paper. The Student Book comes with a CD-ROM full of activities kids can use to practice what they learned.

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Our Discovery Island

Keep lessons fun but focused

Students are sợ hãixcited when we incorporate technology into the classroom. Children enjoy things that are visual and interactive like DVD, CD-ROM, and ActiveTeach – a digital version of the Student Book.

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Our Discovery Island

Track students’ progress

Schools and parents want to make sure that students are learning – which means continual kinh hoàngvaluation of performance. Our Discovery Island has assessment games and tests in hoảng sợvery unit to track students’ progress.

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