Thirty-five such fractions were delivered to compensate for the 62 gaps occurring and thus 56% were compensated for overall.

No change in the pattern of empirical results occurs if the maximum is used instead.


A second opportunity occurs during the congressional midterm election.

Thirdly, a ‘nationalization’ of southern politics has occurred.

We do not know which occurred first: the telephone or the doorstep canvass.

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The maximum change that has occurred is about one tenth of this.

We treat the end of a government term as occurring either when there is an election, or when there is a change of prime minister.

In so far as this occurs through democratic transition, many of their demands are met, and their political impetus begins to decline.

In fact, just the opposite seems to have occurred.

On the other hand, some individual families are limiting their size in accord with the patterns usual in societies as transition occurs.

Each target had six syllables preceding it in the sentence in which it occurred and seven syllables following it.

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A wider range of intermediate hosts occurs in shallow waters.

Where disagreements occurred amongst team members, these were aired at research and steering group meetings and were used to further direct the line of enquiry.

According to re exology theory this should have no curative effect as no stimulation of healing has occurred.

Here we consider exclusively the utility deriving from possible bequests once death has occurred.

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