there have been three ship-borne oases intercepted by port sanitary authorities from which there has been no spread of infection.

the oases of the few such men remaining will be duly considered.

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there have been oases where bishops have refused redemption unless thirty years’ purchase was given for the tithe.

inquiries have been made in the oases referred to.

i do not want the desert to swallow up the oases.

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as the concrete gradually takes over, the national parks will begin to stand out as the only green oases in an otherwise hideous urban development.

i should have thought the oases dealt with would have been almost exclusively country cases.

democracy is fast catching up on us, on the remaining oases of quiet.

we have little oases of successful little towns.

in all other oases the tenant acquires from the landlord, but here the landlord has to acquire from the tenant.

in all these oases, there should be a follow-up to find out precisely why there was inadequate attention in the hospital concerned.

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the fixed penalty was paid in 50,992 of these oases without proceedings having been taken.

i think that in some oases the management has been shown to be responsible.

in many oases the parents are not even trustees.

they are oases of beauty and calm in a world sadly short of both.

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