the captivity accounts reproduce similar images of the ‘ barbarian other ‘, representations nourished as much by ignorance as by prejudice.

was it women, showing how woman’s power drives the hunt, nourishing leopard children on the magic of meat transformed to milk?

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all experimental mice were maintained separately and nourished on processed flour feed and clean water.

he tutored 22 research students, and nourished the careers of many postdocs.

a string of epithets usually followed: children were timid, submissive, barely awake, lacking motivation, poorly nourished.

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creating reform policies, gathering information, and implementing changes have proven to be tasks not easily addressed by regimes nourished on a variety of exogenous rents.

symbolic competence has to be nourished by a literary imagination at all
cấp độs of the language curriculum.

collins’ concern, then, was not with effeminacy as display, but as an act of concealment; a fear further nourished by concurrent social anxieties about masquerade.

the distribution of capacity and the interconnections between state and civil society actors have further nourished this trend.

malnutrition means ‘badly nourished’ but it is more than a measure of what we eat, or fail to eat.

economic water, the water that defended, linked and nourished, the water that irrigated and made the mills turn, henceforth, passed far from the castle.

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our mouths shut, we mingle with the robust men of our country for e more than ten years, always nourishing in our hearts, an unyielding hatred.

the exaggeration of the ‘leisure problem’, nourished by diverse traditions, was in a way the distorted reflection and anticipation of the astonishing initial speed of modernisation noticeable in everyday life.

i have a responsibility for nourishing her.

my focus on memory raises two questions of great significance for understanding administrative ethnography – to what degree was memory created, nourished or extinguished by colonial ethnographic discourse ?

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