in bad weather, convicts had to spend the night in nomad tents erected by the locals, in caravansaries, or in empty huts.

compared to camel pastoralists, most of whom were nomads, cattle pastoralists conducted much shorter and more regular pastoral migrations.

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in addition, the nomads gained military experience during the war, and their leadership became more sophisticated.

also, nomads are represented as totally incompatible with sedentary populations, appearing almost always as a military threat.

as nomads, they neglected urban settlements and moved administrative centers from town to encampment (hilla).

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in the self-organising encampment of motor-homes, where nomads and tourists plug into a bare minimum of infrastructure, an easy going consensus-based polity is made manifest.

without sufficient land, some nomads had little choice but to abandon their centuries-old way of life.

he defined them as a separate group of nomads, carefully classifying them into their subordinate units.

having learned their lesson from the lean years of the early 1930s, many nomads did not try to rebuild their herds to the former level.

north of here is nomad country and the land is uncultivated.

the existing oral traditions and written accounts suggest that conflict between nomads and sedentaries was a recurring theme.

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these specialized nomads travelled, we are told, in bands up to one thousand women, men and children.

not long into the journey, a large group of nomads appeared and threatened to attack.

these highlight the need for more comparative work between desert peoples, between nomads and ‘ sedentaries ‘, and between the colonial and post-colonial ‘ servile ‘ condition.

there was a great population density and hardly any nomads.

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