the task of getting great grades is the task of a budding faculty member- a nerd.

looping, repetition, speed and the quick, brutal editing of phrases, structure the material to remind the listener of the edgy environment of the computer nerd.

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like their yearbook photograph, the language used by the girls not only marks their nerd identity but also expresses their separation from outsiders.

cool girls read fashion magazines; nerd girls read novels.

enthusiasms are derided: evironmentalists are tree-huggers and live in twigloos, computer devotees are nerds and wonks, and practically anyone, it seems, can be an anorak.

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but how about the fact that someone is a drunk, a nerd, an intellectual, or an underachiever?

it excludes phonological detail that is necessary for a complete analysis of nerd identity per formance.

cool girls play soccer or basketball; nerd girls play badminton.

the community of practice model accommodates the individuality that is paramount in the nerd social identity, without overlooking the strong community ties that unify the nerd girls in this study.

nerd identities are here jointly constructed and displayed.

i suspect, however, that there is more than a little of the ‘nerd‘ in all of us.

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cool girls wear pastels or dark tones; nerd girls wear bright primary colors.

first, our commitment to renewable energy is important and, secondly, they provide carbon neutral fuels for transportation and other energy nerds.

it may appear a little arcane and an issue for the constitutional nerds, but it has a wider salience.

it was perhaps thought of as a bit of a nerd’s charter.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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