My Talking Tom 2

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An exciting life with Tom

My Talking Tom 2 is a free casual mobile video game wherein you get to play with a popular virtual cat. Developed by Outfit7 Limited, this 3D simulation game is the sequel to My Talking Tom, which became a major hit among kids when it comes to mobile gaming. There’s not a lot of new features here compared to its predecessor—the most striking difference is that its graphics have been improved.

Is My Talking Tom 2 safe?

The Talking Tom and Friends video game series is a kid-friendly franchise that features virtual anthropomorphic pets you can take care of and even converse with. The social part is what propelled the series to great popularity and the majority of the first games under the series had the function to repeat whatever was said by a player in a modified voice using the device’s microphone.


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My Talking Tom 2 is no different and features the iconic character of the series. As a virtual pet simulator, you can take care of Tom by feeding him, giving him a bath, tucking him into bed, and doing other important daily tasks. You need to keep an eye on the green icons at the bottom of the screen, which will gradually become red to signal that you need to apply the proper pet care to Tom.

Aside from that, you can talk to him via the microphone and even play minigames with him. You can also visit new locations and receive rewards—either new costumes for Tom or house decorations. Plus, he can get his own pets. Both them and Tom react to your touch so you can try out different actions to see their reactions. However, while the game is generally safe to play for children, it has quite an aggressive in-app advertisement campaign.

Displays so many tempting rewards

All in all, My Talking Tom 2 is a great game for anyone who’s a fan of virtual pets. Not only does it have the popular voice-recording feature of the series but it also lets you play with Tom in different activities. This game is free to play but offers monthly subscriptions for anyone interested in easy in-app purchases. You should also expect a lot of ads playing and chances to get double rewards with them.

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  • Cute and improved 3D graphics
  • Fun virtual pet care gameplay
  • Can make Tom talk
  • Minigames and customization features


  • Lots of ads and monetization being displayed through optional rewards
  • Earning more currency can take a while


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