however, although the mineralogies may differ, the cement morphologies are commonly similar, thus enabling interpretation of ancient early diagenetic environments.

no consistent pattern of distribution of these different morphologies has been detected.

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unbroken crystals are euhedral; rounded, or more irregular, primary morphologies were not observed.

the studies demonstrated two distinctly different morphologies and mechanisms for baffle obstruction.

therefore, agitation may also favor fibril morphologies that are more susceptible to fragmentation.

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both antibodies inhibited malaria invasion, but the latter gave rise to bizarre morphologies, the nature of which is unknown at present.

of particular interest is the finding that motile cells switch surface morphologies reversibly between ruffles and blebs.

at present such general conclusions regarding urban history are of necessity tentative because of the limited amount of data in relation to different urban morphologies.

varicosities of various sizes and simple endings on individual collaterals are the terminal morphologies most frequently identified in both cats and hamsters.

the small percentages of no invagination and exogastrulation morphologies bring the percentages to 100%.

while portraying complex and episodic themes, these projects paid close attention to contextual morphologies and continuities of figure, ground, edge and street.

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however, this technique only provides an external morphological description of putative fossilized cells and is incapable of distinguishing between abiotic fossils of similar morphologies.

the morphologies of the three sets of specimens were compared.

the approach involves describing systematically, in mutually exclusive terms, all morphologies, connections and relations of the cardiac chambers and vessels.

dendritic morphologies of retinal ganglion cells projecting to the nucleus of the optic tract in the rabbit.

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