more often than not

More often than not, damage-control treatment was applied to documents that contained the material detrimental to the legitimacy of the emperor or the regime.

More often than not, health promotion is understood too narrowly.


More often than not, there are a relatively limited number of texts that constitute the main reference points in a given discursive field.

The ‘ promotion of democracy ‘, although highly valued, must compete with other foreign policy concerns and more often than not loses the battle.

More often than not, a divergence from this model has led to the classification of smaller states as less enlightened.

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Where it appears to be widely tolerated this is more often than not due to resigned acceptance or deep political cynicism rather than approval.

For several reasons, economic models are more often than not misspecified, in the sense that they are obviously erroneous descriptions of the reality.

More often than not, this capital is invested in real estate overseas.

More often than not, such internal competition leads to the downfall of the organization as allegiances are split and kin unity lost.

But more often than not they get in the way – of meaning, of style, of the naturalflowof the language.

But more often than not, frequency in texts has nothing to do with frequency in the world.

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In fact, this representation is misleading, since more often than not, the participants produce the retroflex schwa.

The addresses are rarely those of farmers because more often than not they concern spare time breeders.

As a result, substantive discussions were more often than not reserved for personal meetings.

Property-right regimes tend to be well entrenched and, more often than not, we are in a position of dismantling rather than creating new institutional structures.

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