The climate is tropical and strongly influenced by alternating monsoon and dry seasons.

Both men and women spend more time collecting environmental products during the monsoon season.


The closure of camps coincided with the arrival of the monsoons.

We have only examined this anuran community during one 4-mo period, coinciding with the end of the monsoon season and the following dry season.

However, it is acknowledged that this study may not be representative of the monsoon forests of the study area.

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The more open monsoon forest was also dominated by the valuable dipterocarp.

This frequency of phenological asynchrony appears without parallel in monsoon forest or tropical savannas, although comparable analyses are scarce.

The seasonal monsoons are the dominant climatic influence in the study area.

Ocean mixing can also increase during monsoons due to the wind forcing.

Mechanized fishing is prohibited during the monsoon (breeding) season.

During and immediately following monsoon periods, some species of fish may concentrate closer to the shoreline.

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Average rainfall is low, about 1,000 milimetres, which occurs only in the monsoon months.

In the south this could be because the wet-season monsoon waters had not yet drained away.

Generally, they were hindered by the monsoon’s rigors, pests, poverty and other unpropitious circumstances.

Using the quarterly observations, cross-sectional demands are estimated separately for the monsoon and dry seasons.

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