confining electrons in the nodes of standing microwaves.

advances in satellites, microwaves, and cellular radio are reducing the cost of reaching the remoter rural areas.

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we cannot have nuclear-powered microwaves—except in the sense that nuclear power can be fed into the electricity industry and used in microwaves.

the fact that the systems should be mutually functional is the goal, not that they should work using microwaves or any other waves.

the inclusion of a general safety requirement, such as that in the amendments, would require manufacturers to label such products as unsuitable for microwaving.

microwaving is simply one method of heating food.

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we accept modern technology in terms of cook-chill, refrigeration, microwaves and so on.

the models to be tested were decided by the researchers on the basis of sales figures for both branded and own-brand microwaves.

no warning was provided that the product was unsuitable for microwaving.

to date, much research has been conducted on the thermal effects of microwaves as part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

the ingredients may well have been organic, chemically sprayed, frozen, microwaved, pasteurised or even, in due course (depending on what happens later today), irradiated.

i was speaking about the biological effects of microwaves, especially radio frequency waves at the very low frequencies used in mobile phones and transmissions from mobile telecommunications masts.

there are no implications for food safety, in respect of microwaves, of this closure, as there are facilities elsewhere with the capability to carry out research in this area.

invalid signals include microwaves made by sources separate from the transmitter, such as radar jamming and deception.

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his research interests include semiconductor designs, analog and digital signal processing circuits, microwave amplification systems, and clock synchronization schemes for high-speed digital systems.

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