while the primary endpoint studies clinical malaria, the occurrence of infection is of interest as well.

the incremental mortality risk from climate-change-induced malaria, for example, would be valued differently to, say, the same increase in risk caused by deteriorating medical standards.

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in the case of malaria eradication, for example, the health programme budget could include public works expenditure for draining swamps.

the advent of molecular techniques for the detection of malaria parasites has led to greater appreciation of the importance of mixed malarial infections.

calculations suggest that in many populations 10-15 % of human mortality can be ascribed to a single cause : malaria.

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rapid switching to multiple antigenic and adhesive phenotypes in malaria.

the diagnosis of malaria infection depends on the recognition of parasites in stained blood films.

this list includes one parasite vaccine, against malaria, and serves as a reminder that there are many competing priorities for public health programmes.

the diagnosis of malaria was based on the presence of fever, and the detection of parasites in the maternal blood.

three different var gene switching mechanisms are investigated and are based on experimental observations of clonal antigenic variation in malaria parasites.

according to the principles of the campaign, blood samples had to be obtained to confirm the presence of the malaria parasite.

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remote sensing as a landscape epidemiologic tool to identify villages at risk for malaria transmission.

the residues conserved within these domains can be useful in identifying crucial determinants for cell-cell interaction during malaria.

the reason is that as with sickle-cell anaemia the condition confers some resistance to malaria.

further characterization of these genes and their encoded enzyme activities has the potential for permitting novel strategies in combating the malaria parasite.

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