Its majestic reach embraced questions of morality, economics and political policy.

Yet there is something suspect – sinister even – about this scene, for isn’t this junior defendant rather presumptuous to enjoy such a majestic seat?


But my heart leapt, for suddenly there he was, resplendent in sunshine, majestic and radiant!

Rather, our reactions to nature as majestic, or reacting with dread to the forests, are primitive instances of concept-formation in this context.

The baritone’s role as protagonist was regarded as unusually challenging, requiring a gamut of emotions from the noble and majestic to the pathetic and vulnerable.

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Like ‘ whiplash injury ‘ it is also magnificent in its simplicity and has been majestic in its impact.

The slow movement begins with a characteristic long unison theme, majestic despite its wide leaps.

The elegant draped lines traced by the heavy folds of wool give her a majestic presence and draw attention to her face and the rounded contours of her figure.

The debilitating zero-sum fallacy has been thinking that one side or another can win the war and create a sort of majestic water ballet for all time.

With all those possible institutions to fit in to that majestic and marvellous campus, the role of private enterprise seems pretty small.

How can you be such a vandal as to plant your hideous trees all over this wonderful, majestic, sterile, barren bit of ground?

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That was indeed a majestic aim, but unfortunately it is still a long way from achievement.

Governments are majestic institutions, but one of their weaknesses is the difficulty they find in admitting a mistake.

There was something rather majestic in the calmness and deliberation with which that electoral decision was reached.

Surely, this majestic fact cannot be simply ignored by anyone who talks to adolescents about religion?

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