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 most/very likely

most likely he’ll turn up late.

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smart vocabulary: related words and phrases

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(definition of likely from the cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary & thesaurus © cambridge university press)

examples of likely


their youth means that they are likely to be present in the human population in an ‘unfixed’ (heterozygous) state and in a relatively small population.

determination of which positions are likely to be disease associated is a challenging and important problem.

while strong periodicities from random records are unlikely, the presence of weaker pseudoperiodicity in a noisy signal is more likely.

based on the consistency and the rate of independent confirmation, many of the genes listed in the tables are likely to be true positives.

in this case it is likely that the sensitivity of our assay permits the detection of homing products.

if the corroborating evidence is strong and the risk is low, the data are more likely to be considered sufficiently reliable for your purposes.

the process is likely to be different for each engagement.

the journey is as likely to end in solipsism as in ‘the consecration and the poet’s dream’.

the maximum impact on overall postal rates is, however, likely to be limited.

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furthermore, based on previous experience, some of these patients are likely to harbor acquired point mutations in the target kinase that confer resistance.

previous research reports that physicians are more likely to diagnose hyperlipidemia if laboratory reports show abnormal lipid levels.

as such, an organization’s success in managing security-related efforts is likely to hinge on its overall ability to manage its use of information technology.

in their reception of a play, characters of major importance whose dress was not likely to be emulated by readers disappear entirely.

in some plays the configuration is likely but not certain.

clastic sedimentation ceased, most likely in response to a major transgression.

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translations of likely

in chinese (traditional)

很可能的,可能要發生的, 有可能地…

in chinese (simplified)

很可能的,可能要发生的, 有可能地…

in spanish

probable, capaz, probable [masculine-feminine…

in portuguese

provável, plausível…

in more languages

in japanese

in turkish

in french

in catalan

in arabic

in czech

in danish

in indonesian

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in thai

in vietnamese

in polish

in malay

in german

in norwegian

in korean

in italian

in russian

probable, susceptible, propice…

có khả năng, dường như thích hợp…

prawdopodobny, prawdopodobnie…

mungkin, yang mungkin sesuai…

wahrscheinlich, geeignet…

sannsynlig, rimelig, velegnet…

возможный, вероятный, правдоподобный…

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