In the trial, the computer will activate devices such as kettles, light switches and telephones by remote control.

The kettle’s stumpy tripod legs held the white cord to the marble-posts in an intricate star pattern.


Their furnishing is seldom above the spartan level and the main focus of activity is made up of jars of instant coffee, electric kettles, a sink and a draining board.

You will be wasting energy if you put too much water in the kettle or pan.

The primary musical accompaniment, as remains the case today, is provided by talempong, bronze kettle drums struck with beaters.

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With great care, hold the back of your hand near to the kettle.

They protruded lifelike halfway out of their own separate leather pouches, positioned to the four cardinal points around a cast-iron kettle.

A tightly fitted lid is placed on the kettle and timing is started.

You can experience infrared radiation for yourself, using a kettle that has recently boiled.

Why did the kettle lid jump up and down?

He boils a kettle and pours it in to make the water very hot.

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While occupations, such as horse-trading and kettle-making, are no longer viable, such names persist, as if marking essential origins.

However, what substance one particular culture contains in the kettle is learned over time.

You feel the warmth of the kettle as it is absorbed by your skin.

There are endless examples of sheets, towels, clothing, kettles and anything movable being stolen, but nothing is done.

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