in summary, we have three outputs: afforestation area, reforestation area, and junior-forest tending area, and one input: total expense in silviculture.

first, there appear to be significant differences in electoral security between junior and senior members.

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we define junior members as those elected fewer than four times and senior members are those elected four or more times.

the participants belonged to a class of about 100 student teachers who did their internships at local junior and senior high schools.

as used by junior scholars, acknowledgments mark an effort to enter the academic world, their expectations and ambitions.

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as we identified, a group of the dissidents may be composed of three different types: ambitious juniors, mid-career policy seekers and antagonistic seniors.

nor was the preparation of doctrinal manuals left in the hands of inexperienced junior officers.

the difference in the fertility level between senior and junior wives is greater where the husband has more than two wives.

from this finding, it can be observed that the seniors may help to initiate such developments to a greater extent than the junior ones.

the caring responsibilities within families with elderly parents are not necessarily unidirectional, from the junior to the senior generation.

the one respondent who differed had in fact not seen their consultant at all (presumably a more junior doctor) which was their cause for dissatisfaction.

the most recent course of 120 students had about 50% freshman, 25% sophmores, 12% juniors, and 12% seniors.

at the most junior end of the curriculum, the topics might be quite basic – such as understanding how to give or interpret successful instructions.

it is hoped that results from this playing a more important role in the training audit will contribute to justifying radiographerof junior registrars.

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