In the autism group, children with a higher mental age were less likely to display actions that expressed jealousy during the play scenario.

Naturally the fight was not just over a matter of principle, but also one of professional jealousy.


In an attempt to better differentiate jealousy from envy in children, investigators devised two different situations within a social triad to distinctly elicit jealousy.

The intensity of the relationships between the men in the novel is even more easily seen in the jealousies which result from sleeping together.

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Why is it that new money excites jealousy while old families do not?

Such intergroup differences did not emerge for social-comparison jealousy.

The present study sought to examine the expression and understanding of jealousy in high-functioning children with autism.

Ambition, jealousy, patronage, and promotion of self-interest largely determine the response of radicals to particular issues.

Some converts confessed publicly to the intimate sins of hatred, jealousy, lying, envy, making false accusations and selfishness.

She is punished for her jealousy of the young and for dwelling on memories of her courtship with her late husband (299, 298).

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Thus, such difficulties would necessarily impede the manifestation or understanding of selfreflective emotions such as jealousy.

The news of importance came from within the capsule itself – from the whims, friendships and jealousies of the people thrown into each other’s company.

Mostly, they involved jealousies and rivalries between families of equal rank or within one family.

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