this is no doubt related to the increased interest in gas centrifuges as a means of separating uranium isotopes.

it is commonly believed that both processes are very efficient and do not cause much fractionation of the isotopes.

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scope for use of stable carbon isotopes in discerning the incorporation of forest detritus into aquatic foodwebs.

in two other patients, the uptake of isotope by the right ventricle did not fall with time as much as expected following the arterial switch.

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both also had higher scores for left ventricular uptake of isotope than the two patients who were considered unsuitable for conversion to the arterial switch.

when using carbon, however, the carbon 11 isotopes produced by fragmentation are positron emitters.

we have recently developed an isotope pulse-chase experiment using quantitative mass spectrometry that permits assembly kinetics to be measured in real time.

these differences are also consistent model predictions of sulfur isotope fractionations produced by biosynthetic networks.

the processes as monitored by stable isotopes seem too slow to generate distinct glacial periods.

all aspects are covered: mineralogy, major- and trace-element compositions, and isotope (radiogenic and stable) geochemistry.

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disentangling a rainforest food web using stable isotopes: dietary diversity in a speciesrich ant community.

structure of river food webs revealed by stable isotope ratios.

we see that fully closed pore graphites prevents this contribution to hydrogen isotope inventory because there is no continuous surface leading deep into the graphite.

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