For one, postmodernists exploited the ironic possibilities of the colon.

The letter is unintentionally ironic in that secular scholars of this time had already begun to construct scholarly editions of classics from antiquity.


So she politely goes along with the nave believer and becomes an ironic believer in i the fictitious life she is supposed to have led.

Accordingly, they develop a computational model of irony based on three types of ironic situations, which they call intentional, serendipitous, and competence irony.

It is ironic that some of the most vocal critics of distributed representations first came to modelling through this software.

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That “ministers and markets” might have given rise to the modern research university is a compelling ironic tale.

The entire novel has to be understood as a masterpiece of ironic stylization.

But it is a rewriting that yields a nicely ironic conclusion to the story told here, of the coincidences and conflicts between modernism and modernity.

They also gave more or less ironic renderings of classics from official mass culture.

Indeed, this can be seen to be the basis for the sequence’s powerfully ironic juxtaposition of different cultures, landscapes and textual geographies.

That this ground – this ample geography – is covered by temporary housing is an ironic pointer toward the transitoriness of human settlement.

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Likewise, 77% (2164) of ironic simile types are disambiguated automatically.

Only when familiar irony is used in a literally biasing context can its salient ironic interpretation be suppressed and discarded.

How ironic, given his disdain for serialism and even atonality.

It is ironic, too, that recent incursions by ‘ lit-critters ‘ into historical writing reproduce the very stereotypes long ago demolished by decades of historical research.

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