but, in fact, we do not place any weight on ordinary intuitions about color.

he does, however, note the existence of ‘our ordinary intuitions about corrective justice’ (p. 21).

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as reported in all these studies, however, there is a fair amount of variability in speakers’ intuitions of syllabification, even when dialect is controlled for.

the intuition behind the symbolic counterpart of a natural level mapping is that natural level mappings are instances of it.

this intuition has sometimes been stated in previous studies.

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thus, it might partially accommodate the strong intuitions that some have, that certain objects ‘ demand ‘ our love and attention.

it has been a useful device for importing the techniques and intuitions of transition systems into the equational paradigm.

traditionally, there are three dimensions, but this rests on rather vague introspective intuitions.

we should remember that all these things have been discovered by way of rigorous analysis and exhaustive experience, not by intuition.

much of the work in this area is limited, however, in that it relies on researchers’ intuitions concerning speakers’ pragmatic and semantic intent.

if we define the standards according to the intuitions of a majority of experts, then we can never argue against the majority.

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for present purposes, however, no harm is done if we set this intuition aside. 16.

as these points suggest, the person-based intuition marks badly needed common ground between at least some forms of consequentialism and various non-consequentialist approaches.

evidently, negative evidence, but not positive input, allows the child to develop intuitions which more closely resemble those of an adult.

the intuition is that a program is, in essence, a non-empty finite or infinite sequence of primitive instructions.

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