antisociality represents behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, personality features, and interpersonal styles that are self-serving and generally harmful to others.

they find neuroticism to predict occurrence of most life events and all interpersonal dimensions.

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the authors find evidence for two orthogonal dimensions separating security of attachment from what they term the attachment ‘ strategy ‘ for coping with interpersonal difficulties.

the items ask how often during the last week the respondents had experienced a series of affective, somatic and interpersonal symptoms of depression.

their interactive alignment model is ambitious, aiming to explain the converging behavior of dialogue partners via both intra- and interpersonal priming.

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cognitive-perceptual, interpersonal, and disorganized features of schizotypal personality.

in this revised ethnomethodological approach lớn tưởngversational analysis, interpersonal processes are central in understanding children’s narrative development.

on the one hand, she shows the value of practitioner research for understanding the complex, intensely interpersonal emotional issues related to racism.

the word please3 is understandably assigned by the authors to the neutral, unemotional area of interpersonal meaning.

we can refer here to interpersonal verbal rituals.

consequently, the key to make interpersonal relations smooth, efficient, and mutually beneficial is not confined to a sense of trust in others.

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questions 1-3 are fairly common questions often used to see how much trust prevails in interpersonal relations.

the majority of these studies have been based predominantly on naturally occurring, spoken codeswitched utterances in interpersonal interaction.

they saw fingerprinting as a potentially “universal” method of personal identification, which might find myriad applications in banking, insurance, government, interpersonal relations, and even science.

but this focus on intrapersonal features neglects what now appear to be inevitable public features that also effectively serve important interpersonal functions.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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