preference will be given to material which is clearly interdisciplinary.

she stresses that her work is interdisciplinary in nature, and her review of the literature supporting her conceptual framework reaches beyond linguistics and language education.

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thus, it is crucial that the legal and technical communities embark on interdisciplinary research to deal with these issues.

the first three chapters develop this interdisciplinary approach by shaping a theoretical framework to guide the five case studies in subsequent chapters.

however, the field of communication studies provides, in my experience, an ideal interdisciplinary basis for studying this aspect of society.

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the tenure process, with a focus on “independent” career trajectories and first-author publications also tends to discourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

interdisciplinary approaches would be emphasised to address questions and issues lying beyond the scope of individual disciplines.

the second volume, however, has arisen out of a wider interdisciplinary discussion.

public artists will increasingly call upon sound as part of the interdisciplinary, multi-sensual experience.

his is an ambitious interdisciplinary endeavour which seeks to bring together the insights of evolutionary biology, ethics, theology, and the social scientific study of religions.

here, for the first time, empirical data are presented which adequately address the complexities of old age in modern society from a truly interdisciplinary perspective.

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some of the most creative approaches to measuring human rights have been pioneered by interdisciplinary teams of sociologists, anthropologists, economists, political scientists, statisticians and others.

just how interdisciplinary can we be and still hold on to the distinctiveness of nineteenth- century literature and culture?

reasoning and truth maintenance of causal structures in interdisciplinary product modelling and simulation.

as more colleges and universities begin to address the issues of collaborative and interdisciplinary work in the arts, sharing information will be extremely valuable.

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