Also, no synthesizer to date comes close to rendering a piece of instrumental music with the ‘feeling’ of an accomplished musician.

All aspects of instrumental design are included in this segment, with sensor technology and microphone technology incorporated as well.


He develops a particular account of the motivation of the instrumental rule-follower, the constraint model.

The conditions that could justify such a change ought to be more extreme than those that would justify such a change under the instrumental view.

Under the first type of justification-the instrumental justification-the state is the appropriate agent to inflict criminal sanctions simply because it is deliberative and impartial.

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Instead, friendships seem inescapably instrumental in character-and thus not friendship at all in the fullest sense.

Instrumental case is expressed by the suffix -te.

More instrumental help was received by parents from their children than vice versa.

Everything which comes into being has four generating causes: an e$cient, an instrumental, a material and a final cause, etc.

In other words, the village based cooperative became instrumental to the intrusion of the state in the everyday life of the villagers.

How can we adequately test the reciprocity hypothesis with just a restricted set of measures of instrumental behaviour ?

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The receiving and giving items are current instrumental behaviours in the extended family involving money, time, companion help and advice.

Furthermore, the analysis lacked the data required to disentangle the two effects by using, for instance, instrumental variable estimation techniques.

At the same time, the participants also described the joy of learning new ‘ instrumental ‘ knowledge and skills.

Instrumental rationality is assessed at the organismic level, not at the subpersonal level.

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