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for instance, we have situated these dynamics in motor plans for reaching.

burials, for instance, are underneath platforms, within the limits of the dwellings.

thus, the formation of regular plurals is an instance of ordinary combinatoriality.

for instance, is it the phonetic quality that counts, or its distribution?

in several instances, he returns to subjects treated earlier in the book, such as children’s education and the evolution from scrolls to codices.

in such instances, reviewers may need to consider reanalyzing.

for instance, over-blowing on a wind instrument can cause an octave rise, which holds as the pressure is reduced.

her requests in these instances were somewhat more restrained than earlier ones.

there were very few instances of fasciculation between fibers in which fibers were closely associated with each other following essentially identical paths within the tectum.

in the first instance, it is difficult to conceive what might motivate such random substitutions.

note that intractability assumptions for random instances are much stronger than complexity-theoretic assumptions, which usually refer only to the worst case.

we can then measure the average running time of these algorithms on random instances.

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the method could be taken further if specific requirements were needed and technical variety (telecom for instance) was introduced.

for instance, when a child is scared, the parent tells the child not to be frightened.

the intuition behind the symbolic counterpart of a natural level mapping is that natural level mappings are instances of it.

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các cụm từ với instance


các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với instance.

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classic instance

as such, it is a classic instance of beneficence twisted into paternalism.

concrete instance

in order to verify the design, a concrete instance of the sound space was constructed.

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bản dịch của instance

trong tiếng trung quốc (phồn thể)

實例, 情況, 引證…

trong tiếng trung quốc (giản thể)

实例, 情况, 引证…

trong tiếng tây ban nha

caso, caso [masculine, singular]…

trong tiếng bồ Đào nha


in more languages

trong tiếng nhật

trong tiếng thổ nhĩ kỳ

trong tiếng pháp

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trong tiếng catalan

trong tiếng Ả rập

trong tiếng séc

trong tiếng Đan mạch

trong tiếng indonesia

trong tiếng thái

trong tiếng ba lan

trong tiếng malay

trong tiếng Đức

trong tiếng na uy

trong tiếng hàn quốc

trong tiếng Ý

trong tiếng nga

cas [masculine], exemple…

eksempel [neuter], tilfelle [neuter], eksempel…

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