the fundamental distinction between inherited and acquired conditions has been noted.

in the case of the latter, personalised labour service known as pongaje inherited from colonial times was outlawed.

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the man is the one who gives the family its patronym, leads the group and inherits the homestead.

as a result, those who have since bought or inherited what was originally ‘ stolen ‘ land have no moral entitlement to it, legal titles notwithstanding.

the colono could acquire ownership of improvements by reason of having made, bought or inherited them.

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the community ‘ inherited ‘ domestic utensils, furniture, and clothes, together with money and sometimes property, from the nuns’ families.

such similarity not inherited from the proto-language has absolutely no bearing on the comparative method or genetic relatedness.

the electoral culture inherited by the revolutionaries made no provision for declared candidates and contemporaries were equally wary of canvassing for votes.

more significant was the growth of his rural estate : of the 155,000 hectares that he left at his death, only 60,000 had been inherited.

multiple inheritance is permitted, so attributes and their values can be inherited from multiple parents.

with land inherited within a matrilineage, the members of the heir’s lineage segment have priority, rather than his children.

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although eye number is inherited, it is not heritable.

in inheriting the value frames of elite rhetoric, citizens may end up endorsing values from both sides of the partisan divide.

he also inherited the preference for a tough monetary stance to support sterling.

concepts are organised into a strict is-a hierarchy, so that properties are inherited from a class to its subclasses.

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