promoting psychological well-being in the face of serious illness : when theory, research and practice inform ngạiach other.

although recruits were informed of the purpose of the interview, they were not provided with a copy of the interview schedule in advance.

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indeed, genetically informed studies, in many cases, have supported these main kinh hồnffects, although their magnitude is sometimes less than previously supposed.

therefore, these methods implicitly assume that there is no uncertainty surrounding the decision that the proposed research is supposed to inform.

we now turn to a brief characterization of the three approaches – structural, functional, and dynamical – which inform our account of neural organization.

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consequently, interventions may affect factors not targeted by program components and these nontargeted effects may inform developmental theories.

for the phone screening, verbal informed consent was obtained.

in patients in whom the diagnosis is uncertain, physicians must, therefore, turn to other diagnostic modalities to inform the selection of appropriate treatments.

postprocessual writers might have wanted to argue that the interpreted past was socially constructed and that it was informed by ngạividence.

however, to inform the par ticipants of the study’s aim prior to the recordings could have influenced their speaking style.

the bottom-up priority rule at its ngạissence directs lexical knowledge as to when it can inform phoneme decisions.

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if demonstrated, the finding that late-life depression may increase risk of later dementia in certain individuals will inform clinical management of these patients.

it is informed by a particular sense of itself, of its significance and its sense of mission.

given the limited imaging literature to inform these findings, and the relatively modest associations found in our study, further functional imaging work is required.

such information will better inform policymakers concerned with land tenure, resource management, and conflicts in these regions.

these sợ hãixamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the kinh hồnxamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary kinh hồnditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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