because there are fewer constraints to the parameter values in qualitative modeling, there inevitably exists ambiguity.

in majoritarian systems, the winning party’s leader is inevitably the prime minister.

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a synthesis of this sort inevitably builds on the available materials.

inevitably in an edited volume with a wide scope, several themes are absent or underrepresented.

as with any book that attempts to be a number of things, there will inevitably be some màn chơi of redundancy.

Xem nhiều hơn: Động từ chỉ trạng thái (State verbs)

what one tends to get, perhaps inevitably, is how productions achieve meaning for a particular scholar or scholars.

inevitably, such management tended to reduce seed production.

thus, such information is inevitably fragmented and its collation requires collaboration between different groups.

this session provided valuable feedback for each group that inevitably helped with preparation for the assessed seminars.

this has led inevitably to the development of laboratory-based models that simulate oral biofilms in vitro.

inevitably, these chapters require some discussion of the issue of the appropriate scale of analysis, which is presently attracting some debate amongst prehistorians.

Xem nhiều hơn: Cư xá nghĩa là gì?

as demonstrated in the example, any festival, whatever its proclaimed and ostensible focus and aims, is clearly and inevitably a complex occasion.

in the absence of a chronological account of politics to frame this, any newcomer to the period must inevitably be left somewhat befuddled.

this classification is somewhat arbitrary since there is inevitably much overlap and repetition among these themes.

by interviewing only senior partners you inevitably arrive not only at those relatively senior in years but those not educated in a cad environment.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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