let us assume for the moment that such simulations are possible physically and follow the implications.

apart from their purely demographic impact, childbearing patterns are also important for their social, psychological, and economic implications.

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distinguishing between these two alternative hypotheses has important implications for the behaviour of political parties.

local political embeddedness is shallow and political measures have not significantly reduced the implications of this dominance.

the opposite direction of this implication, that is, the completeness of the logical relations with respect to contextual equivalence remains future work.

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the data may have important therapeutic implications for the care of dementia patients through the development of reminiscence work.

the major social change with demographic implications is undoubtedly the new roles of women.

the zone of proximal development and its implications for teaching and learning.

the classical truth tables for conjunction and implication are used.

in other words, although the strict style always carried symbolic associations of law and order, this law had different implications at different times.

the predominance of economic, especially macroeconomic, objectives in domestic financial liberalization has two main theoretical implications.

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they then outline the implications of their definition of life for the origin of life adding biomembrane formation to the metabolism/replication-first debate.

then the implication of these theories is that we have nothing to say which can impart insight.

several themes following from the prior discussion can now be summarized in terms of their implications for economic growth.

the difference in prevalence of infection between the two years is surprising and may have important implications for previous and future studies of this nature.

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