idle adjective (not working)

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idle adjective (no purpose)

smart vocabulary: related words and phrases

idle adjective (lazy)

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  • lazyhe’s one of the laziest people i’ve ever met.
  • indolentsome of my classmates are indolent in their health habits.
  • slothfultelevision and video games have bred a generation of slothful teens.
  • work-shyuk i don’t want your work-shy cousin living with us indefinitely!
  • idleuk he’s an able student, just idle.

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smart vocabulary: related words and phrases

smart vocabulary: related words and phrases

you can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics:

(definition of idle from the cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary & thesaurus © cambridge university press)

examples of idle


exploring the role of alpha oscillations during externally vs. internally directed attention and the implications for idling and inhibition hypotheses.

i can hardly agree that if there is idling it can be for lack of sustenance.

i do not want to say that they are all idling and slacking; that would be wicked, and it would be untrue.

they did not allow me time for idling on the way.

regarding the problem of labour there have been allegations that workpeople are idling.

a private individual would not have a lot of wasters idling their time away, because he could not afford it.

do they then record at the time when the engine is merely idling, but the vehicle standing still?

what sense is there in old men remaining at work, while young men are idling about the street corners?

idling or stop-start driving greatly increase fuel consumption, and therefore emissions.

another matter to be addressed is vehicle idling.

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the men who are now out, idling, want to be back in uniform, doing their duty to the country.

a lot of that idling among workmen, which is unfairly described, is the idling of people who are overworked.

most pollution caused by vehicles occurs when they are idling in traffic jams and then moving forward a few yards.

i regret to say, delinquent young people who are unfortunately idling in the market place.

instead, they have sat back and idled their time away.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

translations of idle

in chinese (traditional)

不工作的, 閒置的, 無所事事的,空閒的…

in chinese (simplified)

不工作的, 闲置的, 无所事事的,空闲的…

in spanish

parado, frívolo, vano…

in portuguese

parado, frívolo, ócio…

in more languages

in japanese

in turkish

in french

in catalan

in arabic

in czech

in danish

in indonesian

in thai

in vietnamese

in polish

in malay

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in german

in norwegian

in korean

in italian

in russian

inutilisé/-ée, à l’arrêt, en friche…

عاطِل عن العَمَل, فارِغ, كَسول…

uvirksom, ude af drift, doven…

menganggur, malas, hampa…

ไม่ถูกใช้งาน, เกียจคร้าน, ไม่มีผล…

nhàn rỗi, lười nhác, vô dụng…

nieczynny, bezczynny, nieużywany…

menganggur, malas, sia-sia…

unnütz, faul, vergeblich…

ubrukt, meningsløs, bortkastet…

inattivo, superficiale, ozioso…

бездействующий, неиспользуемый, праздный…

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