The gender switch produces humor, but it does not disrupt or reconfigure gender relations or hierarchies; instead, it temporarily reverses them.

The vitreous humor was removed and the posterior eyecup was ever ted over a balsa wood dome and transferred to the recording chamber.


As for the soul, love for eternal things can kindle fire within it and dry the humors of carnal desire that corrupt it.

Among the staff, humor and joking together provided a means of negotiating the tension around hierarchical differences.

Yet the compassion and good humor with which it occurred lingered long past the event.

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Ethnic-based humor was still allowed – even encouraged – as long as it was not overly vicious or two-dimensional in its treatment.

Finally, the didactic presentation provides a definition of humor and explores its functions.

Once the most immediate demands have been addressed, humor is of ten introduced in an attempt to put people at ease.

The second activity aims at highlighting the role of humor as a source of meaning.

He defends + with clarity, sense, and good humor + the suggestion that there really is no such thing as incomparability of desires, values, or outcomes.

In addition, the positive effects of laughter and humor at work and in general are introduced.

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And the humor of this group was predominantly aggressive and face-threatening.

The unity of the organs is such that when one is harmed, humors from other organs flow to cure it.

The content of the humor is intuitively masculine but is not examined with reference to a clearly defined continuum.

After removing the vitreous humor, the posterior eyecup was ever ted over a balsawood dome and placed in a chamber.

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