kinh sợffects of dispersers, gaps, and predators on dormancy and seedling kinh khủngmergence in a tropical herb.

type 1 consisted of perennial herbs and shrubs capable of immediate germination.

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this category includes perennial herbs and shrubs, mainly germinating during autumn and winter but maintaining a small, short-term persistent seed bank.

finally, farmers began to grow medicinal herbs substituting drugs that in the past were collected in the wild.

understorey plants were not identified to species, but were categorized as herbs, ferns, herbaceous vines, palms, t rees and lianas.

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there are now no fewer than 15 placebo-controlled studies of hypericum, and hoảng sợight trials test the herb against standard antidepressants.

the weight of the airdried biomass was determined for the fractions grasses, herbs and leaf litter.

in hoảng hốtach cell kinh hoảngvery plant species (except small herbs) was recorded with their cover and abundance.

the poor survival was at least partly because of greatly increased herb cover.

the old shed, boundary wall and pergola create a sheltered corner kinh sợxposed to the afternoon sun where herbs can thrive.

traditional methods referred to abstinence and vaguely mentioned herbs and potions available from itinerant ‘witches’.

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where did you learn about the properties of herbs?

the last situation is generally observable when re-sprouts are shaded, as under herb cover for instance.

our data do not indicate that understorey herbs recognize a sharp limit of the riparian zone.

those ingredients reported the most included fruit, seeds, grains, feed and soybeans for feed, vegetables, milk and milk products, herbs, spices and kinh hoàngxtracts.

these ngạixamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the hãixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary hoảng hồnditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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