This requires a foundation of viable, real, developed structures of local governance.

To achieve this, governments must come to a clearer understanding the role of stakeholder input in governance strategies and of associated metagovernance issues.


This was prior to the current research governance procedures being established.

The guidelines contain 12 fundamental principles and aim at setting international standards for the governance of corporate pension funds.

We have pointed to corporate governance, accounting and environmental standards as obvious areas of application for the lessons learned from banking regulation.

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From the economic perspective, what matters in corporate governance is whether shareholders can write contracts with the correct incentives that are also easy to enforce.

Nevertheless, good laws are necessary, but not sufficient, for good corporate governance.

Accordingly, we ignore the corporate governance effects that could stem from the pension funds’ role as debt-holders.

Section 3 reviews what we know and need to know about these different types of pension fund actions aimed at improving corporate governance.

Alternatively, we could search for the corporate governance channel from a different angle.

They have purchased shares of privatized state enterprises and played a role in corporate governance.

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Their role in contributing to weak corporate governance is acknowledged here.

However, pension fund governance has a much broader scope and includes overall management, organizational design and decision-making processes.

Most writers were not interested in (pre)history per se, but rather in rationalising seventeenth-century concerns with governance, commerce, property and law.

In this rubric, the political is released from a necessary tie to centralized governance and simply represents itself as a social production.

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