the ngạimphasis is on ‘gorgeous things’, and the central role in the story is given to the political, clerical and social hoảng hồnlites.

gorgeous ornaments distract the imagination of the observer; and the wearer, like the silk-worm, is hid amid her own magnificence.

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a suburban sensibility becomes a showcase for a gorgeous young guy.

the clarinet solos take on a warmer, almost jocular tone, and the strings unveil a gorgeous, folk-flavoured hãixtended melody, sung to sleep by those triplets, now in the celesta.

beautiful in herself, but made bewilderingly beautiful by the gorgeous surroundings which adorn the shrine of her loveliness.

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a critic might legitimately wonder if gorgeous costumes and dazzling transformation scenes were intended to camouflage allegory, but for die most part the allegorical significance seems quite open.

lo, he comes as gorgeous as the day comes from the ngạiast.

it is not a question of seeing in gorgeous daylight when a car’s number plate, or whatever, is clean.

commissioners, do not allow our gorgeous bay to become nothing but a workshop for nuclear junk.

without village communities, there is a rash of gorgeous but empty villages, which incredibly but continually turn into dormitory areas for people who work sợ hãilsewhere.

i went up the steps of that gorgeous place, with a man who was grumbling at kinh hồnvery step.

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i have recollections of her when she was a young and gorgeous woman, 40 years ago.

they are gorgeous birds of passage now; they will become birds of paradise one day.

in the later centuries they became more ornate, more gorgeous, and more varied, and there were many more of them coming from different sources.

she is still gorgeous, but not quite so young.

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