Notwithstanding the book’s limitations, the editors deserve credit for having gathered together a great deal of standardized, cross-country information in one place.

In other words it would appear that they collected the wrong information to answer their research questions, and they should have gathered something else instead.


Data were gathered from the development and longevity studies.

In these instances, the schools frequently served as academies where elite men gathered to engage in literary pursuits.

The material has been gathered through two studies carried out independently by the authors.

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We are presently gathering data to address these questions.

The so-called demographic corpus was gathered by having a demographically selected sample of speakers record their everyday conversations over the period of a week.

The book turned out to be a commercial failure, with over two-thirds of the copies left gathering dust in the warehouse.

If only by gathering together the whole range of his predecessors, from the sixteenth century onwards, he unified a vocabulary that might otherwise have vanished.

They gathered data in a free-play setting where the presence of toys may have facilitated the use of nonverbal pointing responses.

Identical information was gathered when the participants were 13 years of age in order to determine which parents were stable activity participants.

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Thus, basic information about the process of establishing new attachments needs to be gathered.

If retrospective data must be gathered directly from individuals, questionnaires must be constructed carefully.

In the meantime, the bandwagon has gathered considerable momentum.

The texts gathered here are for the most part of historical and biographical rather than theological interest.

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