The weather component models moisture input and output in fuels generically classed as fine, moderate, and heavy.

In developed countries, fuels are further specified in numerous classes for fire behavior prediction, but that requires decades of field work.


The proposed tax would bring carbon-rich fuels in line with natural gas, which is taxed in some countries but not others.

The conversion efficiency of the process of electricity generation using fossil fuels is between 30% and 40% when at its most efficient.

The speed with which this will occur depends primarily upon the speed at which the prices of conventional fuels rise.

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A more pessimistic scenario examines possible outcomes in the absence of energy saving technological change and backstops fuels.

To improve environmental performance, the other option suggested by the author is substituting other low carbon fuels for coal or using washed coal.

Such technologies may, for example, include commercial fuels and improved agricultural inputs.

Interventions must be found to make solid fuels less risky for health.

Issues of affordability affect uptake of both improved stoves and modern fuels.

Both forest fuelwood and alternative fuels require labor inputs.

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Park managers should recognize that collection of alternative fuels, higher shadow prices, and greater wealth will reduce the intensity of fuelwood collection from forests.

Dignified defiance is mostly fueled by dignity as a virtue, a strong sense of self-worth, courage, wisdom, temperance, and justice.

Such anxiety defines a major impetus behind donation campaigns; further, it fuels the devotion that drives the difficult work of procurement staff throughout this country.

In a city where speculation fuels the money markets, second guessing about corporate futures is commonplace throughout the business community.

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