under the previously described list of content areas for ethics, this would fall under decisionmaking and fiduciary obligations.

a third, intermediate, monetary instrument is possible: fiduciary currency.

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this virtue, best described as moral courage, is essential to fulfilling the obligations of the physician as a fiduciary of the patient.

in the trade-off between currency elasticity and monetary stability, fiduciary instruments lie between gold and bank-issued bills of exchange in gold.

because enhancing certain opportunities necessarily diminishes others, providing a child with genetic enhancements violates the fiduciary responsibility of the parents to safeguard the child’s future.

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financial advisors, policymakers, and pension fiduciaries can also make use of the book as a valuable guide to support their policies and recommendations.

this ought to open up a wide range of opportunities in the future, so it seems compatible with our fiduciary responsibility.

under the current regulatory overlay, investment advisers also owe fiduciary duties to fund shareholders, including a duty to refrain from charging unreasonable fee levels.

this will often be the case for a breach of fiduciary duty. 30.

a physician’s primary fiduciary responsibility is to her patient,10 not to her patient’s family and friends.

every physician has a fiduciary and ethical duty to protect patients.

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critics claim that the fiduciary relationship is eroded whenever the continuity of care is interrupted or impeded.

although the other provinces also taxed commerce and equally suffered shortage of specie, none succeed in creating their own fiduciary instruments.

do the multiple fiduciary obligations of a family-centered moral framework effectively make impossible anything like an actual provider-patient relationship?

indeed, part of their fiduciary duty is to ensure that the portfolios provided are sufficiently diversified.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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