do ‘all the elements of seria’ really ‘pass onstage in a gaudy farewell parade’ in the first finale (p. 19)?

to him, certainly, retirement does not mean a farewell to intellectual production.

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there are no sad farewells at the local taverns or the corner store because there are no local taverns or corner stores.

he also describes one grand passion and how he asked his eldest son to place his beloved’s farewell letter on his funeral pyre.

even their gaiety seemed to be of the forced kind often associated with a particularly painful farewell.

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it wasn’t a formal procession, instead everybody bade him farewell as the mood took them.

accepting his destiny, he bids farewell to the pain and love of the upper world and vanishes forever into an underground chasm.

it’s a pattern that decrescendos to an ethereal farewell.

in a tender farewell aria she asks him not to forget her.

some of the memorabilia, such as newspaper articles or photographs, were set aside for use later in the farewell ritual.

we know the remainder of this grave farewell from the first lines of this essay.

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her song of farewell to the mortal world cries out that her sentence is too hard and too cruel.

they played a large role in inter-personal communication, and often conveyed praise, blame, thanks, support, affection, gratitude, disapproval, dislike, sympathy, greeting or farewell.

each time they moved away, a farewell dinner was prepared.

the passage sounds like a coda that bids farewell to the earlier chromatic journey; we clearly expect that the piece is coming to an end.

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