This ordinariness, which stands in direct conflict with their actual fame, serves both to diffuse fame’s negative connotations and promote its accessibility to the audience.

Florence’s identity and fame rested upon its place as the showpiece of the grand dukes’ patronage, taste, and power.


A sojourn in the colonies could, in fact, be a means of acquiring fame and wealth.

It was here that he devised and performed the operations which have earned him his fame.

But they miss how fame can help consumers overcome a particular type of ignorance, namely, uncertainty about the content of a news product.

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No other composer has seen his home town capitalize on his posthumous fame in such a shameless manner.

His fame, he says, is spreading ‘fast’ by way of word of mouth.

The distorting effect of 15 minutes of fame outweighs all other considerations.

Political liberalism’s ‘claim to fame‘ is that it avowedly makes minimal demands on individual citizens, especially in the private arena of personal commitments.

It also had worldwide fame, though nothing of local authorship appeared in it.

Promising to return after one year, he sets out on a journey during which he gains fame and glory in numerous tournaments.

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Publication, indeed, often proved the shibboleth revelatory of the attitude toward both secular studies and fame.

Their only resources with which to do battle in a hostile world are their fame, reputation, and power to attract an audience.

The gloomy solemnity of the exterior and interior gave the impression more of a mausoleum than a hall of fame.

Last but not least, this mode of argument is tied to a fame quotient and to periodicity.

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